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Fabric & Accessory Sourcing

Fabric sourcing plays a fundamental function in apparel production, whilst accessory sourcing helps your clothing designs stand out more.

Why you need a garment factory who offers fabric and accessory sourcing services?

Fast and quality services

Let us show you how your products come to life

1. Respect of cooperate

Material procurement is unquestionably a challenging task. It is a highly dynamic process based on your conception of cloth texture, feel, colour, and weight, as well as your design. It may take several days or even weeks to locate the necessary materials.

3. Experienced veteran

Only clothing industry veterans have a good eye for materials and accessories. They understand which material best complements your design.

4. Supply chain advantages

If your clothes supplier provides sourcing services, they are likely based in the industrial garment belt. You can only get fabric and trims from clothing providers in the apparel industry zone because sourcing is laborious and time-consuming. And when your supplier is in the industrial belt, it also implies he is in a location with a complete supply chain, which will significantly cut their expenses and allow them to provide you with the best price.

2. Bring your idea to real life

With our assistance, you can make all of your ideas a reality. Whether it’s a common cloth on the market or one that requires customization, we try our best to accommodate your needs.

Frabrics & Trims

Fabric & Accessory


Fabric In Our Market

China has the best and most established apparel industry supply chain. I can tell that we can find and produce practically all varieties of fabric in the globe in our local market.

Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabric is a textile produced by knitting, the process of interlacing or interweaving yarn loops. It is comparable to traditional knitting with knitting needles and a ball of yarn.


This renders knitted cloth highly elastic. It is typically used for casual wear, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jogger trousers, shorts, etc.


There are numerous varieties of knitted fabric used for a variety of garments. Examples include single jersey, ribbing, French terry, fleece, and eyelet fabric.

Woven Fabric

Fabrics woven on a loom consist of several threads woven on the warp and the weft. Unless some spandex is used during weaving, woven fabrics are often not stretchable.


Plain weave, satin weave, and twill weave are the three forms of woven fabrics. These textiles are woven: chiffon, crepe, denim, linen, satin, and silk.


Often, woven fabrics are used to create trendy garments such as blouses, dresses, jeans, and suits.

Fabric Develop

Want to make your brand more unique? Creating your own fabric is no longer a distinct occupation. Send us your tech pack, and we will assist you in completing the remaining tasks.

Fabric vendors have minimum order quantities for custom fabrics.

The minimum order quantity for fully fresh custom fabric is approximately one tonne.

The minimum order quantity for sublimation printing on stock cloth is 100 metres.

The minimum order quantity for custom water-based printing cloth is 1000 metres.

Here’s How We Can Help You

One-Stop Shop


From garments to custom tags and packaging, get everything you need made under one roof with us.

Our multi-disciplinary, all-rounded approach means we take care of the entire supply chain, so that you can save time, money and effort from dealing with multiple clothing manufacturers, and channel them into back into your business.

Lower Your Inventory Risk

Prevent deadstock, oversupply and wastage of resources with our small MOQ of just 6 designs of 80-100 pieces per design.

With this, you’ll be able to discover as a new brand what works and what doesn’t—all without hurting our planet or incurring huge costs.

We Guarantee Our Quality

We take pride in our standards and integrity and have stricter-than-industry-standard quality checks in place. We are passionate about making great, quality clothing—that’s why our reviews speak for the quality standards we uphold.

Bring Creative Ideas To Life

Share your concept and vision with us, and we’ll help you bring them to life. We take care of developing your ideas and spearheading the clothing manufacturing process, so that you have one less worry, and can focus on marketing and building your brand.

Behind You All The Way

We practice a collaborative working approach where we regard ourselves as members of your team. We’re always here to help, and we’re with you at every step of the way—that means with us, you’ll never be alone through your manufacturing journey.

Lower Prices As You Grow

We offer attractive pricing tiers and savings for larger orders. As your brand and business takes off, you’ll get to enjoy better margins as you grow with us.

Product Development

Our Product Development Services Are Timeless, Responsible And Designed To Be Great.

Product Development

Our team will discuss your ideas with you and advise on fabrications and suitable printing methods to develop the technical drawings and tech packs that will bring your ideas onto paper and to life.

Fabrics & Trims

Sourcing Our sourcing staff works with our network of local suppliers to provide you with an array of of different fabrics, trims, notions, buttons and zippers for your designs. Custom fabrications, dye, trims and notions options are also available.


Our dedicated sampling lines and highly experienced workforce usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to create the paper patterns and grade the sizes before cutting and sewing your samples.

QC Of Samples

After your samples are made, our product development team will check the samples for consistency and if they are good to be go.

Yunhui Garments


Your creations are completely secure with us. As part of our “clothing supplier code of conduct,” we will not disclose your designs to anybody who is not involved in the production of your product.

Each product is subjected to a risk assessment, and a testing menu is created based on the product and fabric characteristics. We frequently conduct home laundry, colorfastness, shrinkage, anti-pilling, and seam strength testing. Other tests are available for an extra fee upon request.

As a full-service apparel provider, we invest much time and resources in acquiring materials. Most well-known materials can be obtained within a few days. Because we must check with multiple fabric suppliers in different regions of the country, the delivery of some new and unique fabrics may take a bit longer. In rare instances, the material you desire may not be readily accessible and will have to be produced just for you. This necessitates that the fabric mill creates a sample yardage for you. This occurs infrequently and only when nothing comparable is available.

Although we rarely produce salesman samples, we know that certain brands demand them as part of their selling strategy. We want to offer this service to brands that have been on the market for a long time and can quickly meet all the basic requirements. For new, unestablished brands, we can only provide salesperson samples with a confirmed purchase order that meets the minimum order quantity.

Because creating the tech pack is part of the creative process, it is inappropriate for the clothing manufacturer to make it. It requires excessive control over the creative process, and the brand’s design team best handles this. Together with our clients, we can ensure that the tech packs are as clear and comprehensive as possible so that the samples and quotes turn out as planned.

After we receive all the necessary information from you, such as your tech pack and quality reference materials, it will take us around 4-5 days to provide you with a cost estimate. The pricing will be validated following sampling, which will take 1-2 weeks after the quotations.

Many of the premium brands we work with a request that we keep their brand names and products confidential. We are aware that it is usual for clothes retailers to plaster their websites and catalogs with brand logos. This is sometimes overdone, and many brands prefer displaying their names differently. Therefore, we choose to maintain discretion and only disclose this information privately.

For any quality issues, we will be accountable and issue a refund.

If you are dissatisfied with the sample and wish to make modifications, sample payments are non-refundable.

We provide different color swatches for choosing colors for various fabric types. We offer over sixty distinct color variations for most cloth.

Due to our position in China, close to the most prominent fabric market in the world, we have access to all conventional types of cloth.
Additionally, we can produce a cloth with a custom print design.

18 to 35 days, it depends on the design and amount of the order.

First, provide us with your tech pack or images of the desired style.

Then, we debate the details and choose the optimal design solution.

Next, we manufacture and ship you samples.

After receiving your permission, we will begin mass production.

We will then ship things to you.

Regarding sample orders, we offer PayPal to safeguard your funds.

As for large orders, bank transfer (T/T) is the standard. PayPal works with us as well.

Sample order: 100% payment before sample production

70% deposit before mass production and 30% balance before shipment for bulk orders.

Standard packing: (free)

One item of apparel stuffed into an empty PP bag.

Between 20 and 100 items are packed per carton.

Customized packaging: (cost depends on your packing design)

For the majority of nations and areas, we offer:

DHL/ UPS/ FedEx express delivery
Air cargo followed by DPD delivery to your address
Sea transport followed by DPD delivery to your address

Shipping Cost: 1 > 2 > 3

Shipping time: 3 > 2 > 1