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Provider of Garments and Associated Services

Yunhui Garments is a clothing supplier that provides various other services in addition to cutting and sewing for its customers. You are our partner in each project from the very beginning to the very end. This implies that we take care of the specifics, provide you with input, and alleviate any fears you may have. We share the same objective as our customers: to guarantee that every product will live up to its standards.


More Yunhui Garment Service

Every one of our goods has been inspected, passed a quality test, and comes with a money-back guarantee. The assurance that this provides to our clients is invaluable. A lot of different companies and merchants recognise the significance of social compliance as a subject that is currently in the spotlight. On paper and in real life, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. We ensure that the factories comply with all the rules and regulations necessary for our clients by monitoring their behaviour. The process of following up on orders has never been more straightforward. Staff members that are university educated, experienced, and fluent in English assist you in checking the status of your demands so that you have more time to focus on increasing your sales and expanding your collection. Before distributing our samples to customers, we do a thorough examination of each one in-house first. If our quality assurance team discovers areas where the product could be improved, they will either have it redone or provide the customer with a list of specific areas to pay attention to. Continue reading below to learn more about why Yunhui Garments is the clothes supplier that offers the most suitable service.

Social Compliance

Your items are manufactured in factories that have been audited and deemed to comply with all applicable safety laws and offer their employees with a fair working environment. Sedex, WRAP, and BSCI are the certification bodies for our workshops.

Creative Services

You are assured of receiving valuable input during the creative process. Our innovative support includes a review of the design's specifics, the polishing of artwork, ideas for materials, and alterations to sizing charts.


Depending on client requirements, we give proto samples, pre-production samples, Shipment samples & picture samples. Before mailing, each piece is thoroughly examined internally.


Each substance will undergo an internal risk assessment. We frequently do the following tests: seam slippage, pilling, cross-staining, color fastness, shrinkage, toxicity, and consumer wash. Exist additional testing requirements? Tell us more!

Customer Support

We are accessible via the phone, WhatsApp, and email for any questions regarding your orders. The English-speaking personnel will assist you until all issues are resolved. Our team is always here to help you.


We will supply many suggestions in response to your sourcing requests for fabrics, print patterns, or trims. We have the means to provide you with anything you require. You can give us examples of the counter-sources you're seeking.

Quality Control

Before goods are packed and dispatched, they are all thoroughly examined by our QC team. Loose threads are clipped, defective products are mended or eliminated, and shortages are made up. Every order that is shipped is meticulously documented.


Your designs are your creations and not your competitors. Your product will not be displayed to any of our other clients, and third parties are strictly prohibited from using our clients' designs.

End To End Solutions and Quality Services

fabric souring · sampling · mass producing · quality checking · shipping

Product Improvement

1. Source Fabrics & Accessories
Could you share with us your designs and thoughts? We will discuss and offer advice regarding the fabric, accessories, and processing techniques for your logo and design. Due to our proximity to the world’s most prominent fabric market and accessory industry, our purchasing staff can efficiently obtain the newest fabrics and accessories.

2. Sampling
The next step after discussing designs is to bring them to reality. We provide competent, expedient sample service within 510 days. We will send sample images or videos before shipment to ensure that you save money and time on a sample order.

Apparel Manufacturing

1. Before Mass Production
To reduce shrinkage issues, the fabric will undergo a pre-shrink wash. The pre-shrink wash will be followed by color fixing to minimize color fading. If necessary, a pre-production sample will be provided before mass production.

2. Mass Manufacturing
After checking all the details and receiving your sample approval, the lead time is three to four weeks. We have a whole production line, from cloth cutting to stitching.

3. Quality Control
Quality is essential to our culture. We want to produce high-quality goods that will encourage consumer loyalty—checking the quality of the cloth before cutting, the quality of the printing and embroidery before sewing, and the quality of the finished product before shipment. Any damaged products will be removed before proceeding.

Printing & Embroidery Printing & Embroidery Made to Order

We offer a variety of printing and embroidery techniques sourced from reputable printing and embroidery facilities. Such as silk screen printing, DTG printing, three-dimensional printing, sublimation printing, flat stitching, and three-dimensional embroidery.

 Accessory Sourcing

I customized every type of accessory, including zippers, hardware, etc.
Only one kilometer separates our factory from the nearby fabric and accessory market. We are also adjacent to the world’s most extensive fabric and accessory markets. It is simple to keep up with the most recent fashion trends and purchase or create any accessories we desire.

Not only are all stock accessories available, but also unique designs.

Private Labels, Tags, Package

Customized Labels, Tags, and Packaging
100% personalized labels, tags, and packaging. We provide a variety of materials for labels, tags, and packaging.

Diverse Shipping Options

Express Transport Air Transport Sea Transport
For sample orders, urgent orders, and large orders, we offer various transit options to accommodate your demands.

Yunhui Garment


Your creations are completely secure with us. As part of our “clothing supplier code of conduct,” we will not disclose your designs to anybody who is not involved in the production of your product.

Each product is subjected to a risk assessment, and a testing menu is created based on the product and fabric characteristics. We frequently conduct home laundry, colorfastness, shrinkage, anti-pilling, and seam strength testing. Other tests are available for an extra fee upon request.

As a full-service apparel provider, we invest much time and resources in acquiring materials. Most well-known materials can be obtained within a few days. Because we must check with multiple fabric suppliers in different regions of the country, the delivery of some new and unique fabrics may take a bit longer. In rare instances, the material you desire may not be readily accessible and will have to be produced just for you. This necessitates that the fabric mill creates a sample yardage for you. This occurs infrequently and only when nothing comparable is available.

Although we rarely produce salesman samples, we know that certain brands demand them as part of their selling strategy. We want to offer this service to brands that have been on the market for a long time and can quickly meet all the basic requirements. For new, unestablished brands, we can only provide salesperson samples with a confirmed purchase order that meets the minimum order quantity.

Because creating the tech pack is part of the creative process, it is inappropriate for the clothing manufacturer to make it. It requires excessive control over the creative process, and the brand’s design team best handles this. Together with our clients, we can ensure that the tech packs are as clear and comprehensive as possible so that the samples and quotes turn out as planned.

After we receive all the necessary information from you, such as your tech pack and quality reference materials, it will take us around 4-5 days to provide you with a cost estimate. The pricing will be validated following sampling, which will take 1-2 weeks after the quotations.

Many of the premium brands we work with a request that we keep their brand names and products confidential. We are aware that it is usual for clothes retailers to plaster their websites and catalogs with brand logos. This is sometimes overdone, and many brands prefer displaying their names differently. Therefore, we choose to maintain discretion and only disclose this information privately.

For any quality issues, we will be accountable and issue a refund.

If you are dissatisfied with the sample and wish to make modifications, sample payments are non-refundable.

We provide different color swatches for choosing colors for various fabric types. We offer over sixty distinct color variations for most cloth.

Due to our position in China, close to the most prominent fabric market in the world, we have access to all conventional types of cloth.
Additionally, we can produce a cloth with a custom print design.

18 to 35 days, it depends on the design and amount of the order.

First, provide us with your tech pack or images of the desired style.

Then, we debate the details and choose the optimal design solution.

Next, we manufacture and ship you samples.

After receiving your permission, we will begin mass production.

We will then ship things to you.

Regarding sample orders, we offer PayPal to safeguard your funds.

As for large orders, bank transfer (T/T) is the standard. PayPal works with us as well.

Sample order: 100% payment before sample production

70% deposit before mass production and 30% balance before shipment for bulk orders.

Standard packing: (free)

One item of apparel stuffed into an empty PP bag.

Between 20 and 100 items are packed per carton.

Customized packaging: (cost depends on your packing design)

For the majority of nations and areas, we offer:

DHL/ UPS/ FedEx express delivery
Air cargo followed by DPD delivery to your address
Sea transport followed by DPD delivery to your address

Shipping Cost: 1 > 2 > 3

Shipping time: 3 > 2 > 1