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We offer you premium and stylish personalized casual wear manufacturing service. Cut and sew manufacturing at Modestyfactory allows you to get fully customized apparel made from fabric sourcing and sampling to mass production by our expert team. Send us your tech pack or basic design files or sample clothing or even just some sketches. We will help you to complete the rest complicated production process.

Various kinds of fabric choices to make your own shirt and blouse designs: twill cotton, plain cotton, tencel, georgette, velvet, crepe, satin, organza, chiffon, linen, viscose and so on. More than 30 color options for each type of fabric.  
All types of blouse and shirt styles: formal and daily shirt & blouses. For man’s shirt, we make oxford cloth button-up shirt, dress shirt, flannel shirt, denim shirt, linen shirt, polo shirt. For ladies’ blouse, we make backlless blouse, halter-neck blouse, knot blouse, tube blouse and so on.We make all you need with our standard size or your own measurement.
Custom zipper crafted from metal and decorated with your own logo. Custom buttons make of all kinds of material and with your logo added. Various types of lace are made of different materials and colors. Customized leather patch, rubber patch, metal patch. We meet your various needs.
Custom printing & embroidery service to help you create your own unique designs. With private label and ship tracksuit to your address. Get everything to be done under one roof so you can have more time for marketing.
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We Are Expert of Blouse and Shirt Manufacture

Modestyfactory as a wholesale blouse and shirt manufacturer fulfills your needs for shirts of any sales and market. We understand your choice of blouse and shirt should be quality first and then reflect and enhance customers’ height.

We make various types of blouses and shirts for different applications. Such as lifestyle blouses, formal shirts, uniform shirts, and so on.

We Are Trustworthy Blouse & Shirt Manufacturer

As a trustworthy blouse & shirt supplier, we have the latest manufacturing technology along with modern machines and skillful labors. Moreover, we also have our factory follow Japan’s LEAN system which helps us reduce waste in every producing step. Therefore, your order is not only finished in an efficient time but also has a reasonable price.

As a reliable blouse and shirt manufacturer, we attach great importance to quality control and establish our own QC system.

  1. Selecte qualified fabrics from factory that passed SGS certificates
  2. Inspect fabric quality before cutting
  3. Control printing & embroidery quality before sewing
  4. Measure size of each garment after sewing
  5. Check clothing quality one by one to make sure it is neat, without extra threads
  6. Ensure printing & embroidery can be washed more than 50 times.
  7. Payment refund incase of substandard products